3 Gynecomastia Cures to Consider

Gynecomatia is swelling of the males breasts. This condition is more commonly known as “man boobs” or even “moobs”.

Gynecomastia or man boobs, as commonly referred. A condition where the male chest becomes puffy or bloated and resembles female breasts. Usually the nipples have a cone like shape and they can be very sensitive and even painful. It is often associated with overweight males. However average weight men can have gynecomastia as well. There are ways to cure man boobs and I want to talk about 3 of those ways.

Permanent Cure for Man Boobs

The first and most extreme way that most people think of first is gynecomastia surgery. Cosmetic surgeons are able to surgically remove man boobs with varying degrees of success. It’s not a cheap procedure and can cost anywhere from $4000 to $10000 depending on factor such as the doctors performing the surgery, the area of the U.S. and the degree of gynecomastia involved.

If you choose to go with gynecomastia surgery you shouldn’t be cheap and should look for the best plastic surgeon possible. Choosing a poor doctor to perform your gynecomastia can lead to poor results and disappointment, not to mention the possibility of further surgeries and scarring. Do your research and choose wisely if you want to go the route of gynecomastia surgery as a cure.

Hormonal Drugs or Supplements

Another method that some use as a gynecomastia cure is hormonal therapy, most typically with an anti-estrogen drug called Nolvadex or Nolva for short. Nolvadex is a prescription drug, so you’ll need to have a doctor prescribe it for you. People give varying reports of success with Nolvadex and finding a doctor to prescribe it may not be easy since the medical profession isn’t as accepting of it as a cure for man boobs.

The 2 best drug-free Supplements most commonly used to correct man boobs are Testosterone-1™ and AndroGen Rx™.

Many athletes who have used anabolic steroids end up with cases of man boobs. Gym goers have learn that a course of Nolvadex often clears up the affliction quite rapidly. Of course it works best if used as soon as the gynecomastia flares up. But some people have noted that it can reduce the swelling and puffiness of gynecomastia even years after it has developed.

Diet And Exercise

The third gynecomastia cure I want to talk about is probably the best of the three. Certainly the first course of action you should pursue. I’m talking here about using diet and exercise to reduce or even rid yourself of gynecomastia. Since at it’s root man boobs, a case of fat accumulation in the chest area a good weight loss and training routine can often be enough to rid a person of the man boobs they have had for some time.

You can easily see this in many before and after pictures from diet or exercise routines. You may scoff and say that the person didn’t truly have gynecomastia and it may be true that they didn’t have a severe glandular problem, but what everyone really just wants is results that speak for themselves. If through diet and exercise you can remove the puffy chest that looks like a woman’s breast then why not go for it. It’s certainly much safer and cheaper than surgery and it’s safer than hormonal therapy as well.

Best of all, is that you’ll come away with a much better physique overall and an increased energy and vitality thanks to your healthier lifestyle.