Boost Your Testosterone Levels By Avoiding These 6 Foods

Six foods to avoid if you want to boost your testosterone level

If you’re reading this article, you’re obviously aware of what testosterone is, and how it impacts a male’s body.

As a man ages, the main hormone responsible for their sexual drive and ability to impregnate women starts to drop, especially if they haven’t been physically active and eating healthy.

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Hence, it is important for an individual to follow a diet enriched with nutritious elements if they want to progress in their health patterns.

There are many foods which boost your testosterone, contrary to that, there are many which halt its progression as well.

We’re going to enlighten you about those foods which you seriously need to keep out of your diet plan, if you want your testosterone levels to stay high.

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Top Foods to Avoid

1. Fizzy drinks

Soft drinks have proven to be extremely unhealthy for individuals.

The reason being that these liquids are stored with vacant calories and sugars that encourage the collection of fat.

When individuals start gathering over the top fat in their bodies, that is when the estrogenic pressure begins to rise.

The estrogen levels in a male’s body increase, while the testosterone goes down, raising concern.

These drinks are enriched with high fat sugars. In case you’re wondering whether having a fizzy drink on a daily basis is a sign of concern, then let us confirm it for you, that it really is.

You need to stop having it so often.

2. Fast food joints

In today’s modern, rapid pacing world, fast food has become the go to place for not only adolescents but elderly individuals as well.

Life is moving at such a swift rate that these burger joints have become everyone’s first preference. However they don’t realize that indulging in these foods so often can betray their bodies testosterone levels.

Not only will this fast food addiction increase the fat in your body allowing your testosterone levels to drop, but the meat that is being employed in these chains is of extremely cheap standard.

It has been injected with all kinds of hormones for enlargement, and antibiotics to protect it from infection.

It is better to go for organic foods than these unhealthy fast food chains.

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3. High amounts of starch

We all think that fiber is the best thing in our lives; it keeps our metabolism booming and our digestive system functioning well.

But as we all know that excess of everything is bad, so, same is the case with fiber.

High amounts of fiber can change your metabolism rate, reducing testosterone levels in a man’s body.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition carried out a study linking the fiber intake and testosterone levels in men.

Those men who had a lot of fiber intake had lower levels of testosterone, and the ones who had low intake of fiber had better, higher levels of testosterone.

This doesn’t mean that you stop indulging in healthy, fiber enriched foods. It just means that you don’t have too much of them.

If you’re aiming to keep your testosterone levels in good shape, your intake should be as normal as it can be. Don’t overdo it.

4. Soybeans

If you’re having any foods that are enriched with soy or even made with it, its time you cut them out of your diet.

Soy is considered to be a phytoestrogen, which impacts your testosterone levels adversely. The sooner you leave it behind, the better it’ll be for your health.

Studies have shown that males who eat soy enriched foods on a daily basis suffer from its negative effects, such as relatively inactive sexual hormones.

There are numerous other foods that are rich in protein; so stop relying on soy and start indulging in those.

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5. Linseeds

These are considered to be fatty acids, that are not only sumptuous in protein, but fiber as well.

This seems like a great offer, but if you’re aiming at boosting your testosterone, or even preventing it from going down, you need to leave linseeds behind.

They are profuse with lignans, which are similar to estrogen. So, if you’re going to be having foods that boost your estrogen, the testosterone levels in your body are bound to decrease.

It’s just how the human body functions.

6. Licorice 

We all love these candies and never think about how they would be affecting our bodies. Licorice is considered to affect testosterone levels negatively.

Studies have depicted that even if you’re just consuming seven grams of this element every day, just after four days that would vigorously drop your testosterone levels.

It’s pretty easy to pig out on a single pack of licorice, considering it isn’t that fulfilling. That is why men don’t even realize when it has started to impact their testosterone.

You need to avoid these foods for the sake of your testosterone!